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As the name suggests, our brand, Tasty Hemp oil contains all those products that are delicious in taste and it contains edibles as well as drops and softgels for both yourself and your cat or dog (if you have one).

Tasty Hemp oil uses all natural items for the production of its products. We only use natural, organic and kosher hemp oil and hemp oil seeds, as any unnaturalness and preservatives bring great side effects along with them. The flavors of the products are all natural without any added flavor, which makes the product more refreshing.

As hemp contains THC in, the majority of the products under this brand contain the necessary amount of THC (which is 0.3%), and it will give you the effects of the Full-Spectrum CBD.

Taste By Hemp introduces the first ever chocolate made by the ALEAF team. It is a dark chocolate made with all organic nutrients, and contains about 10mg of CBD Oil in it. The chocolate comes in two distinct flavors, simple dark chocolate with added CBD and dark chocolate mint with added CBD.

The 0.3% of added THC will not do any harm to your body, nor will it show up on a drug test, because the necessary quantity of THC added in the majority of products is 0.03%, and only 0.3% is added here.

These chocolates, and other products, are tested twice, once by our own team and the second test is done by some third party lab, that confirms that the product is ready to be used.

Gummies that contain CBD are one of the most common ways that people get their daily intake of CBD. We have two such products in our Tasty hemp oil brand. Both these gummies are made with natural hemp oil by our team. The gummies come in either a snack pack or a jar, you can choose how much you want and buy accordingly.

However, as these edibles are for the sole purpose of intaking CBD, you have to be careful not to consume too much, as it can create problems. Consult your doctor about your daily dosage and then intake our products.

ALEAF presents you with three kinds of drops from this brand. The first one is Tasty Drops CBD Tincture and these are made by raw hemp extracts, and are really concentrated. Different dosages are available to use, you should consult with your doctor before deciding on a dose.

The other two drops are for your cats and dogs. No additional preservatives are added to them so that the naturalness remains. Cats and dogs mostly do not like flavors either so that's also a plus point. These are a hundred percent safe to use and ask your vet about what dosages to give them.

Lastly, we have softgels, and mist of the people that use them are those that do not want capsules or related stuff, and these gels are really easy to swallow and are really tasty (as indicated by our brand name)

Using these products will provide you with a sense of relief from any discomfort you are having. All these products are made by our team and no other, and all the items and ingredients are hand picked by our team, which is why you can use these products as safely as you like.

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