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ALEAF CBD has Sconi Boys products available in a diverse fashion, including products like cookies, gummies, etc. that are easy to use and are delicious in taste. All these items are hand-made carefully by our team and all the ingredients are fully organic and natural.

Sconi Boys uses Delta-8 in its products, which is also known as THC. This compound increases the time that heals your pain, and when used in smokables, gives the feeling of high. Sconi Boys also introduces products that even kids can use, and they are safe for the kids to use as the percentage of Delta-8 is less as compared to others.

A question arises about delta-8, is delta-8 THC legal? And the answer is yes, it is legal. Although it has its psychoactive effect, it's really mild as compared to, say, Delta-9. Hence, you can introduce it into your body without any worries, although we only recommend them to those who have used it before and who use it on a daily basis.

We have Sconi boys cookies, D-8 Gummies and Big Bear gummies available. The big bear gummies are high tolerance, and should not be used without any medical prescription. The other gummies, The D-8 gummies, are for relaxation. You can take them after a tired and long day and just lay on the couch

The cookies are the same as D-8 gummies, not very strong and you can use them after a tiring day and it will help you relax.

Then we have Delta-8 THC Flower, which has 0.03 percent THC in it and should not be used by beginners. It has a refreshing flavor to it that just takes you to another dimension. ALEAF will bring you the most organic product, as we don’t spray on the Delta-8 flower. It is wholly original which is why it has such refreshing properties.

Delta-8 Pre-rolls are also available to use. The d-8 in the pre-rolls will give you an exhilarating experience and will relax you, even after a long day.

It is to be noted here, that if you have any trace of D-9 in your body, a D-8 Drug test will catch it, even if it's a really small quantity. Because the test does not look at the quantity rather it looks at the traces of D-8 and THC in your body.

Sconi Boys Tinctures are also found at ALEAF and they are concentrated as they are made from raw hemp extract. A variety of flavors are available for the tincture that you can use according to your need.

All our products are a hundred percent original and organic and you'll be very satisfied with our products. The products do not taste like medicine, rather they have actual, natural flavors in them that give off a refreshing scent and help you relax.

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