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Our most versatile brand to date, Made By Hemp provides you with a variety of packaging and products that are organic, natural and fully safe to use and approved. We have 15+ different, multifunctional products available to be sold. From edibles to skin products to patches, we have got you covered in all of the areas.

Made By Hemp uses all natural ingredients, as with our other brands, and we spend thousands of dollars in search of these natural and organic stuff as they are not available easily. The purpose of spending this amount of money and time is none other than our customers, we value their safety more than anything else.

Made by hemp includes both types of products - Those that contain THC and those that are THC-Free and CBD-Free. Our Made By Hemp Face Cleaner is CBD free and you can enjoy its wrath and affect without worrying about CBD.

We have a Relax CBD Oil that is completely THC free, that won’t give you that drowsiness feeling that you get after using a THC contained product, but will help you relax completely. Our face toner is also without any CBD in it.

Aside from humans, we also have products for your cats and dogs. We have a separate CBD oil for your cats and dogs and a pet paw balm for both your cat and dog. The oils can be used as treats for your furry creatures, you can add them to their daily intake, or use them as advised by your vet.

Got muscle ache, or a muscle related pain? Then you can use either our Muscle relief balm or our cooling muscle rub, that will reduce your pain. Both the balm and the rub serve the same purpose, i.e, keeping your muscles relaxed.

Tinctures of the highest quality are available at our company. These tinctures have different, natural flavors that you can enjoy and that won’t give you a sour taste and a bad aftertaste. You can place some drops below your tongue area and then swallow after some time.

Tired of smoking? You can buy our Made by Hemp patches that will help you leave your smoking habit and since it contains CBD, it will also help you mitigate your pain where necessary. These patches contain 0.03% THC in them, so beware of using too much, otherwise it will leave you with more harm than good.

Made By Hemp also gives you the most natural cannabinoids capsules that taste amazing and not like your daily medicine. The ingredients in these capsules make the healing process faster, as the nutrients are released faster into the body.

Other products include a CBD/CBG oil blend. CBG is essentially the same as CBD but with somewhat more therapeutic effects than CBD. Hence an equal ratio of both CBD and CBG will give you a warm and soothing feeling and will help you feel relaxed from the pain. A luxury CBD massage oil is applied to your body to help you relax and to make you calm, so you can rest well enough.

These products are available on our site, you can buy from there. You can check the full list of the ingredients that we use so you can do research before buying from us, and so a trusting relationship between us remains.

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