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Hemp Oil Care is an ALEAF Brand that includes only one product to date, and that is Hemp oil Care CBD Spray Tincture. Like our other products, this product is made from natural CBD extracts and all other natural ingredients, so you can use it without any harm to your body.

The uniqueness of this product is that it is THC Free, and most of the tinctures and oils available in the market have some quantity of THC in them. But we took our time researching how we can make it so that it does not contain any THC. And the finished product is in front of you! 

The unavailability of THC in the product ensures that the CBD that goes into your body is just the way nature intended for it to go inside your body. Even though THC has a quick healing and relief response, there are a great number of side effects that come with it. That is why we made this free of THC.

The tincture contains hemp oil, which is different from CBD oil. The question “Is hemp oil different from CBD oil” is very common, and the reason for the difference is that CBD oil, the hemp plant has leaves, flowers, stalks that have a higher concentration of CBD in them, hence CBD is extracted from there. 

Pure Hemp Seed Oil (or hemp), on the other hand, is derived from the seeds of that Cannabis sativa plant directly. It contains omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids and other antioxidants. Hemp oil does not contain any THC while CBD does sometimes contain THC.

There are a lot of hemp oil benefits. Because it contains antioxidants like omega 3, gamma-linolenic acid, it can be used in nutritional supplements that boost your body's vitamins. It improves your skin condition, it also boosts your immune system.

No matter how great a product is, pros and cons always exist, and pros and cons of hemp oil also exist. Pros are described above and some cons are that it can sometimes damage your cardiovascular system, not to a great extent, but a little. But here, we make our products in such a way that these risks are reduced to a bare minimum so you can use them without any worries.

Another question that comes to the mind of people is, “Will hemp oil show up on a drug test?” and the answer to that is no. Drug tests do not look for hemp and CBD rather it looks for THC, which hemp rarely contains. 

The Hemp Oil Care Spray (Tincture) contains 12000mg CBD, which is a standard dose, but hemp seed oil dosage depends on you and your body, how much it can take. The spray is available in two distinct flavors, namely spearmint and natural. The flavors are exactly what the names describe.

Now how to use hemp oil, as many people sometimes use it differently which minimizes the effect. Shake the bottle before opening it, and place the bottle below your tongue. Spray the droplets into your mouth and keep them there. Spray at least twice, as it is recommended.

ALEAF gives you the best THC free CBD oil there is, we only use organic hemp seed oil which makes it natural and long lasting and will give you a soothing feeling from any pain you have.

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