Sconi Boys - Delta 8 5x Flower

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You have to try Sconi Boys 5x Flower

Sconi Boys 5x, strain KLH Cherry Lime.  Is 90 mg of pure D8 PER GRAM of flower.  Distillate used is 84%.

This is not recommended for beginners. Sconi Boys D8 flower sets the bar so “high” no one will be able to touch it. This is their own recipe that we have kept for ourselves, but friends keep asking for it and we are sick of giving it away for free.

Sconi Boys Flower is hand trimmed, and grown on organic farms in Wisconsin and Michigan. This is the flower you see in pictures but almost never in real life. Our process is unique and we invested tens of thousand of dollars in perfecting it. We don’t “spray”, we hate that term. Our flower is actually infused so that D8 is dispersed perfectly with no hot spots.

Because we do not use a solvent, the flower stays green. As with all Sconi Boys products, even though we are better, our prices are lower. Each jar is childproof with a one time seal so it cannot be tampered with. Be careful where you pull it out because it’s indistinguishable from its psychoactive cousin.

Enjoy responsibly. Delta 8 is a gift and a privilege and should be treated with respect!!!


Product Details: 

  • Sold in 7 grams Jars 
  • 90 MG of pure D8 per gram


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