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Although ALEAF is s a company that specializes in CBD Products, the majority of our products are CBD related, yet there are some that do not contain CBD or have some CBD quantity in them but do not have THC (Broad Spectrum CBD and CBD Isolated)

Broad Spectrum does not have any quantity of CBD in it, hence it is really pure CBD, also why it does not have a scent whatsoever. Isolated CBD also does not have any THC either but have other ingredients like Terpenes, etc.

Here at ALEAF, you will find two such products that do not contain any CBD, as they are usually used for makeup and are washed off immediately. Both are face products.

First off is our Made by Hemp Face Toner. The toner does not contain any CBD as it is used in the ‘preparatory’ phase in your skincare routine. The hemp toner is a hundred percent organic, i.e, the ingredients and elements we use in the making of this toner are collected by our team in their most natural form.

The natural product contains organic CBD, that we then extract out from them. The best Organic CBD is used in some other products.

The toner has anti-inflammatory and Detoxification properties. It contains Green Tea Hydrosol and Red Clover, which are potent and powerful anti-inflammatory respectively. The Ginger Hydrosol gives the toner its detoxification properties as it detoxifies the harmful chemicals on the skin.

These three, along with other chemicals, make the toner that is very natural and safe to use on your skin. You won’t have to worry about any problems after applying it on your skin.

The second face product we have is our all-natural, made by hemp, face cleanser. We hand make it by using different herbs that are fully organic and natural. The plant extracts that are in the cleanser are also extracted by our team carefully, so as to give it the naturalness it has.

The cleanser will help your skin in more than one way, it supports your skin appearance, removes any dirt on your skin, nourishes your skin, etc, and all of these are tested vigorously so they are safe to use.

We use Aloe, rosemary extract to name a few in our cleanser. The rosemary extract gives off a sweet scent to your skin that is really refreshing while the Aloe contains some enzymes and antioxidants that help your skin nourish.

We also use different, kosher oils to support our product. The hemp oil face cleanser gives your skin its naturalness.

The organic CBD extract we use is really healthy for your skin. The natural healthy CBD oil makes your skin smooth and natural. That is why our products are reliable and safe to use.

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