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Our newest brand, Bluebird Botanicals, contains five different products for different uses, and all five use organic and natural ingredients in it. We grow these ingredients and nutrients all by ourselves in our botanical gardens, and the high quality stuff is then hand picked by us that is used in the manufacturing of the final product.

All these products contain hemp in them, along with CBD that makes the item more sufficient to use. Hemp makes the healing time a lot faster than our non-hemp stuff, which makes it more useful.

The kosher ingredients are really hard to grow and even harder to buy, and we invest a whole lot of our time and money in this process because nothing beats that smoothness and refreshingness of organic stuff. No preservatives, no added chemical is used, it only contains CBD and hemp in their most natural form.

ALEAF has products that contain hemp and CBD oil in them, like Bluebird Botanicals has Hemp Oil Drops, cannabidiol oil. These hemp and CBD oils are extracted by us naturally, and they are used as it is in the product, giving the item its smoothness.

Bluebird Botanicals has the most efficient skin lotions that make your skin smooth and soft. The lotion comes in three forms, an essential lotion, a hemp sport lotion and hemp silk lotion, all three have different uses on your skin.

If you have any kind of irritation on skin, or have any sore spots or redness, you can use these lotions and they will heal your skin in notimewith a hundred percent efficiency rate.

The combination of cannabidiol oil and hemp oil is very strong, and should be used very very carefully. Our Hemp Cannabidiol 6x Oil brings you both Cannabidiol and hemp in their raw form, to be put under your tongue (as it is a tincture). Because they are used raw, their effect is a lot faster than our other stuff.

Then we have our signature oil blend, made from hemp. You can use it raw, or you can use it in any liquid stuff that you drink, like your milkshake or smoothies, etc. The raw form is bitter, and is concentrated, so we advise our customers to consult with their doctors before having a go at it.

Our Bluebird Botanicals Complete tincture is sure to bring you relief from any discomfort. This hemp tincture is mixed with some amount of CBD, which ‘completes’ the product. We also use different, organic oils in this tincture, that makes the tincture reliable to use. This blend contains THC in it and is Full-Spectrum. The terpenes used in it are great for your stomach.

At ALEAF, our motto is, “Don't Panic, It's Organic” and we live by that motto. We rarely use any added chemicals or added preservatives, because honestly, that ruins the whole effect of the item. We believe in using all the natural stuff, so reliability remains between us and our customers.

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